Meet the Trainers: Jan Bloomfield

(each month, one of the many fine trainers in IAP2 Canada will share some personal thoughts on training)

Jan Bloomfield, BA MA (Geog.)

Training is one of the most enjoyable parts of the work I do. I am a partner in the Canadian Trainers Collective (CTC), and have had the privilege of delivering IAP2 training across Canada through numerous public and in-house sessions since 2005.
For me, the best part of training is connecting with P2 practitioners across the country, learning about their experiences and discussing their P2 challenges. I am energized by participants who have an “aha” moment when they understand that key elements of an authentic P2 process include:

  • Preparing a P2 plan that is values-based, decision-oriented, and goal- and objective-driven;
  • Obtaining commitment from the decision maker regarding the level of participation;
  • Selecting appropriate techniques to achieve objectives; and
  • Communicating to the public about how their input will be/has been used or considered in making the decision.

When not training, I help public and private sector clients design public participation and strategic planning processes through my consulting company, Strategy Plus. I have been an active member and volunteer with IAP2 since 1999. I have held positions with the Wild Rose Chapter, and am currently secretary on the IAP2 Canada Board and one of two Canadian representatives on the IAP2 Federation Board.

If you want to learn how to develop an authentic and effective P2 plan and process, I encourage you to sign up for a public session of IAP2’s Foundations in Public Participation, or invite us to provide an in-house program that can focus on your specific needs!

Contact me through the CTC website OR at Strategy Plus: Tel: 780-425-4583; Email: 

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