Chapter Updates: February 2015


IAP2 Wild Rose is excited to announce that we will be sponsoring a student to attend a session of the IAP2 Planning for Effective Public Participation course offered by the Canadian Trainers Collective (CTC).

Wild Rose would like to thank the Canadian Trainers Collective for their generous support in making this collaborative arrangement possible.

This is the first time Wild Rose is sponsoring a student to participate in a training session in Alberta. Through this sponsorship, Wild Rose and the CTC are committed to promoting the educational development of a student who is interested in a career in public participation.  The three-day Planning module will introduce the sponsored student to the IAP2 Foundations in Effective Public Participation program and help them to better understand meaningful stakeholder engagement. It will also serve as an excellent opportunity to network with practitioners with diverse experience.

Wild Rose is pleased to provide access to this course as an important stepping stone for a student to enter the work force.

We are having a great time planning our 2015 Signature Event – date and location are just about to be finalized. We hope to see some of you from other chapters to join us for learning and connecting! Keep your eyes open for more details in future IAP2 Canada Newsletters. Everyone is welcome.

Are you from another province but your work brings you to Alberta? Connect with IAP2 Wild Rose to see if we are having any events while you are visiting our fine province! We hold monthly coffee klatches as well as a few networking events every year. Check out our event calendar for more information.  


The Prairies Chapter celebrated a successful year at our 2015 Annual General Meeting on February 9 and we’re looking forward to another exciting year.  While we are sad to see some of our board members depart, we are excited announce our 2015 Board of Directors:

  • Bernie Bolen
  • Myrna Broadfoot
  • Brock Feenstra
  • Trevor Joyal
  • Heather Kasprick
  • Roslyn Kozak
  • David Marsh
  • Kate Moir
  • Brad Novecosky
  • Sonia Busca Owczar
  • Katie Suek

These Board members span Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Northwest Ontario. Short biographies for each of our new directors are provided on our website.


John Glynn-Morris, organizer of the Yukon Chapter initiative, reports a Foundations course set for late May is starting to fill up. The course is presented by Dialogue Partners in Whitehorse YT and anyone interested can click here to get more information. John is looking to that course to establish the “critical mass” to advance the process of forming a Chapter.


On February 12, the St. Lawrence Chapter/Section Saint-Laurent held its first Annual General Meeting, simultaneously in Ottawa and Montréal (with support from an IAP2 Chapter Development Grant). Ten diverse and motivated individuals were nominated for twelve places on the Executive Committee, so all were acclaimed. Nearly 25 people took part – some of them new faces – as the Chapter presented an overview of last year’s achievements, held a discussion on the IAP2 Spectrum of Public Participation and introduced the new Executive Committee:

  • Katherine Babiarz
  • Stéphane Bérubé
  • Janis Crawford
  • Guy Grenier
  • Jimmy Paquet-Cormier
  • Julie Reid-Forget
  • Sébastien Trottier
  • Suzy Waldman
  • Hugo Mimee
  • Lindsay Wiginton

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