Chapter News: Wild Rose

IAP2 Wild Rose is very excited about their upcoming Annual General Meeting and Signature Event at the end of May. Interactive, creative and intimate, event sessions include: “Defining and Achieving Best-in-Class Engagement”, “Visualizing Change”, and “Create Your Own Narrative – Tell the story before they do!” We are so excited to meet up with colleagues and share our best ideas and thoughts about P2 together!

For the first time ever, IAP2 Wild Rose is sponsoring a student to attend a session of the IAP2 Planning for Effective Public Participation course offered by the Canadian Trainers Collective (CTC). The three-day module will introduce you to the IAP2 Foundations in Effective Public Participation program and help you to better understand meaningful stakeholder engagement. This is an excellent opportunity to network with practitioners with diverse experience and an important stepping stone for a student who is interested in a career in public engagement. To find out more about the sponsorship and to learn how you can apply, please visit the website. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity! Apply by May 29, 2015.

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