From the Board — Jan Bloomfield

Jan Bloomfield, IAP2 Canada Board member
Jan Bloomfield, IAP2 Canada Board member

Jan Bloomfield, IAP2 Canada Board member

I will start off by extending a huge and heartfelt THANK YOU to Anne Harding who has just finished her 2nd term on the IAP2 Canada Board, and over two years as President!  Anne was elected to the first Board of Directors formed at the June 2011 AGM, after being part of the inaugural Board leading to the incorporation of IAP2 Canada in January 2011. Anne has played a key leadership role for IAP2 Canada, working with Chapters and helping to develop programs and achieve the accomplishments she noted in last month’s newsletter, such as the Mentorship and Canadian Core Values Awards programs.  We are very pleased that Anne is still part of the Board for another year in her role as Past President where I know she will continue to be active!

Your new board has just finished a full day Face to Face meeting in Calgary. It was great to meet the new Board and Deputy Board members, spend some time getting to know each other, as well as to discuss the strategic plan and how we will work together over the coming year.  Meeting Face to Face is a special treat since the majority of our board meetings are via conference call.  It is also an important component in building a team and a good working relationship. The outgoing Board recommended the new Board meet in person within a month of being formed to ensure smooth transition of roles and initiatives. While efforts are generally made to hold in person meetings in conjunction with a conference or other event, timing to do this when members were available was not possible this year.

The IAP2 Canada travel policy and budget includes a small allowance for travel support for those Board members who would otherwise not be able to attend the one or two in person meetings per year.  While some Board members are supported financially by their employers, this is not the case for everyone.  Calgary was selected for the meeting since several Board members reside in the area, and a venue was provided courtesy of Suncor. As a result, we were able to minimize expenditures. It is anticipated that a second Face to Face meeting will be held in September in conjunction with the North American conference in Portland.  A small working group is currently reviewing the Board Travel Policy to determine if any adjustments are required to ensure appropriate use of resources and equal opportunity for participation.

As board members, we are involved in many interesting discussions and projects.  However, while we have some very capable and much used and appreciated administrative support from Amelia Shaw Consulting and her team, we are still very much a working board of volunteers.  Board members take on various roles and responsibilities, resulting in their contribution of many volunteer hours to the organization.  Some information below about the basic volunteer hours contributed by Board members is provided below.

The board meets monthly by conference call for 1.5 hours, and every quarter we may have a 2 hour meeting where we review the budget and status of projects in the Strategic Action Plan.  In addition, each board member is asked to post updates on the Board Basecamp project page regarding what they are working on a week prior to each meeting. Having relevant information to review in advance helps us make the most efficient use of our time.  Each board member also takes on responsibility for one or more projects or initiatives, working with other members in spearheading efforts to achieve one of our three key strategic directions, which may result in a few more hours a month.

As well as serving on the IAP2 Canada Board, Noreen Rude is currently the Presiding Member for the IAP2 Federation and is also a member of the Federation Executive Committee. She and I are IAP2 Canada’s Federation Representatives on the Board, which bi-monthly for 90 minutes by conference call (often in the early morning hours as we try to balance timing for meetings with representatives from Australasia, Indonesia, South Africa, USA and Italy); the Executive Committee meets monthly, and we are involved in various initiatives.

The Federation holds two Face to Face meetings a year. Noreen and I participated in the April meeting in Italy which focused primarily on discussion regarding review of the Federation business model as we near the half way point in the 10 year implementation timeline.  See the Federation Communique on the Members Only Section on  and watch for more information about the upcoming review of roles and responsibilities of the Federation and Affiliate Boards to find out how you can get involved in the discussion!

Volunteers play an extremely important role in the success of IAP2 Canada – in fact, we would have a hard time surviving without them! While the Board contributes lots of volunteer time and energy, so do many of our members in so many ways – through their involvement on Chapter boards and working groups, in organizing events and conferences, in promoting what we do, and so on.  All contributions are valued.  Thanks to all the volunteers and members who help to make IAP2 such a great organization!

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