Speak Up On The Spectrum (and more)!

Even the most solid foundation needs to be reviewed every so often, and the P2 practice is no exception. The IAP2 Spectrum is the foundation of our profession, and as things change in the world around us, it’s time to revisit that foundation. Does it still meet the needs of the public engagement environment both today and moving forward? Are there things that need to be re-considered? Are there limitations that need to be overcome?


IAP2 Canada has taken on the task of coordinating this review, getting input from members all over the world on behalf of the Federation. This is an opportunity for you to voice your opinion and offer suggestions for making the profession stronger and promoting the P2 message further. Take part in our interactive forum now: we’ve provided a few questions to get the ball rolling, but you can add your own topics for others to consider and discuss. We’ll capture all the comments through the forum and other avenues and present them and recommendations to the Federation board when it meets at the 2015 IAP2 North American Conference in Portland in September.

Speak up! We work hard to ensure people affected by decisions have a voice in them; now it’s our turn to do the same.

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