Reaching Out To First Nations: IAP2 Canada launches Aboriginal Engagement initiative

Jason Veness, sub-committee chair 

June 3rd, 2015 saw the beginning of an exciting discussion with the IAP2 Canada subcommittee on Aboriginal Engagement. After soliciting a call for interest among our membership, 9 subcommittee members and 21 advisory group members were chosen to make recommendations on what aboriginal engagement means for IAP2 Canada, its members and chapters across the country and what that might mean to aboriginal communities we work with as practitioners.

The subcommittee members represent a diverse group of geographic, industry / sector interests and experience from across Canada. As part of supporting the IAP2 Canada Strategic plan for 2015-2017, the subcommittee will meet periodically to provide the IAP2 Canada Board with recommendations on how the association can be more inclusive in addressing aboriginal engagement as part of public participation.

Our first subcommittee meeting has provided a range of topics regarding the mandate of the subcommittee and has promised to review a wide scope of opportunities for the IAP2 Canada board to consider. Our next meeting is scheduled for June 25th where we hope to solidify a mandate to move us along as well as some priority actions and logistics on how to engage the advisory group. We look forward to providing our membership with regular updates on our progress and would be grateful for any feedback you may have.

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