You, the Jury – The IAP2 July Webinar

Bringing together people affected by a decision is one thing: having them understand the decision to be made, when the factors can be very technical and complicated, is quite another. One solution that’s gaining traction is the Citizens’ Jury. It’s already been used with impressive effect in Edmonton, with the Centre for Public Involvement holding such a process to decide whether to adopt internet voting. On Tuesday, July 14 (2pm EDT), we’ll hear from Sherrill Johnson of CPI and from two of the people who helped conceive the process, Andrew Rockway and Larry Pennings from The Jefferson Center in the US. How do you take technical concepts and turn them into meaningful public engagement? Come and find out.

More information and to register >>

Please note: due to the 2015 IAP2 North American Conference, there will be no webinar in September.

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