Reviewing the IAP2 Spectrum

Does the IAP2 Spectrum adequately cover what Public Participation is all about? What are its limitations? Should anything be added? Those are some of the questions being tackled as we look for input from all IAP2 members. Join the discussion: you can comment on topics already raised or raise some of your own.


It’s a topic your P2 colleagues around the world are talking about. Stephani Roy McCallum, Max Hardy, and representatives from IAP2 Canada will host a discussion at the Portland Conference, “Re-Imagining the IAP2 Spectrum”.

Comments we’re seeing cover a range of topics:

  • Should “Inform” be considered a level of consultation?
  • Does the “shape” of the Spectrum – a linear, left-to-right progression – convey the wrong idea?
  • Who is really the “client”? Is it the stakeholders? The proponent? “The People”?
  • Does the Spectrum help or hinder evaluation?

So why are you sitting there, reading this? Click here to join the conversation.

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