Meet the Authors – The IAP2 August Webinar

21st_Century_Democracy_BookWhere has P2 come from, and where is it going? What do people really want from public life? What are some of the assumptions in a P2 process and how many of them are valid?

These are some of the questions tackled in a new book, Public Participation for 21st Century Democracy, (Wiley) by Matt Leighninger and Tina Nabatchi – and you’ll have an opportunity to meet and quiz them in our next IAP2 Monthly Learning Webinar, Tuesday, August 25 at 2pm Eastern (11am Pacific).

Matt, a long-timeand current USA Board member of IAP2 and executive director of the Deliberative Democracy Consortium, and Tina, associate professor of administration and public affairs at Syracuse University, have produced a history of P2, a compendium of tools, from the traditional to the high-tech, and look at ways P2 can be done better. They’ll also share their insights into activating the democratic potential of citizens.

Don’t miss this opportunity to ask questions and give feedback! Register here to take part.

Please note the unusual date: not the second Tuesday of the month. Also, due to the North American Conference, there will be no webinar in September. The next webinar after this one will be Tuesday, October 13.

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