Volunteer Opportunity! Professional Development Steering Team

In September, the IAP2 Canada Board decided to seek a consultant to help us determine the professional development needs of our members and the broader P2 community. We are currently looking for a few volunteers to support this process by helping determine what the scope of work should be, as well as timeline and budget. (Read more.) The goal is for IAP2 Canada to get a better understanding of the P2 professional development landscape by finding out what kind of training and workshops are of interest to the P2 community, what professional development is currently being offered to meet those needs, and where there are gaps that IAP2 Canada should look to address.

If you have 2-3 hours/month between now and January to be part of the PD Steering Team, please contact Anne Harding through info@iap2canada.ca by Monday, October 12th. We are looking for anyone with an interest in professional development for the Canadian P2 community, and preferably someone with experience hiring and managing consultants.

We will not include volunteers in this group who currently profit from professional development (either as course developers or trainers) to avoid potential conflicts of interest.

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