Geoff Wilson
Geoff Wilson

Geoff Wilson, co-chair, Chapter Committee

I wanted to take this opportunity to reflect on where we are as the newest chapter of IAP2 Canada. We have been slowly getting our chapter organized. In March, both St. John’s and Halifax hosted meet’n’greets for members and friends of IAP2. In New Brunswick, Luc Richard and Paul Lang introduced IAP2 to a dozen or so curious New Brunswickers at an event on September 17. As a result, Paul and Luc are working to bring IAP2 Foundations to our francophone colleagues.

The Nova Scotians hosted a successful professional development event in Halifax on September 29. EngageNS Chief Engagement Officer Danny Graham spoke to 25 chapter members and guests at a breakfast about the state of engagement in Nova Scotia. Danny talked about the importance of engaging citizens on the big questions facing our society, and he thanked IAP2 for playing a leadership role in championing greater public participation.

As an Atlantic Chapter, obviously we have work to do to build our presence and influence in Prince Edward Island. I will be reaching out to chapter members in the near future for ideas on how we engage Islanders.

There are times when I feel like things are not happening quickly enough for our chapter but when I reflect on what we have accomplished together since March, I can relax a bit. Rome wasn’t built in a day, after all. We have some work to do together as we look ahead and begin to plan for a fully elected board for our chapter.

Thanks everyone for keeping the momentum up.

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