Chapter News – December 2015


Many of you may remember hearing Maria Hadden at the 2014 IAP2 North American Conference in Winnipeg, discussing Participatory Budgeting (PB) (you can listen to an interview we did with Maria prior to the Conference here.) Now, young people in New Brunswick are getting a chance to take part in a PB exercise in Dieppe. IAP2 member Luc Richard is cited in this CBC News item on the project.

LUC RICHARDLuc adds, “… such a project is possible because of our partnership with the Participatory Budgeting Project, an organization based in New York City.  In addition, our web voting component is made possible with the expertise and commitment of a very capable group called the Stanford Crowdsourced Democracy Team.

“Lastly, such a project is certainly not possible without first having members of City Council endorse the sharing of power with its citizens. They should be commended for their vision of authentic engagement. As well, the collaboration of an entire team of staff at Dieppe city hall and the engagement of a number of dedicated residents and volunteers is paramount to make it happen.” Voting wrapped up over the weekend, with results to be announced December 10th during a public gathering celebrating the process.


Wild Rose

Socratic Circles Lunch & Learn

Wild Rose members in Edmonton had an opportunity this week to learn more about Socratic Circles. Okotoks-based consultant Erin Pote led a lunch-and-learn on this method of dealing with a highly controversial, deeply polarized or emotional situation, one where there are no easy answers. Socratic Circles can effectively embrace and address existing emotion and outrage and harness this energy to collectively gather and make space for group wisdom to emerge. This technique has potential to build capacity, deepen resiliency and create new understanding and compassion.

Socratic Circles have been shown to inspire, encourage and enable deep and powerful conversations on the burning questions facing the practice of P2. You can read more about it in our January, 2016, newsletter.



IAP2 BC 2015 AGM Executive Report

Respectfully submitted by Catherine Rockandel, President, IAP2 BC

I would first like to acknowledge the outstanding group of individuals that I have had the pleasure of serving with as your Executive over the past year: Drew Ferrari, Sarah McKinney, Daniella Ferguson, Lisa Moilanen, Carolina Quintana-Kohut, Anthea Brown, and Andrea Winkler.

The BC Chapter is in year three of its strategic plan 2012 -2016. At the annual January work planning dinner, the Executive agreed to focus on one specific objective:

  • Delivering membership value through an innovative networking and speaker series targeted at the professions that is developed and promoted in partnership with professional associations.

This was beyond the usual business of promoting training, member communications and governance, which includes activities such as participation in the IAP2 Canada monthly chapter teleconference to share information and best practices across Canada, and providing monthly updates for the IAP2 Canada newsletter.

Networking and Speaker Series for the Professions

In terms of the speaker series, the Chapter hosted four events in the Thinking Beyond the Open House: Public Participation is more than coffee and doughnuts series. Two on Vancouver Island and two in Metro Vancouver with the series audio recordings and slides available on the IAP2 BC website.

April 28           Beyond Coffee and Doughnuts: Community Engagement at the City of Victoria with new Mayor Lisa Helps in Victoria, BC.

May 5              Beyond Coffee and Doughnuts: Tools for planners working with emotion and outrage – a partnership with the Planning Institute of BC in Vancouver, BC

October 8        Beyond Coffee and Doughnuts: A Primer on Community Engagement for Architects and Engineers” promoted by APEG and AIBC in Vancouver, BC

November 13    Beyond the Hype: Perspectives on Public Engagement a partnership with Canadian Public Relations Society in Nanaimo, BC. This full day professional development conference focuses on how public relations professionals can work stakeholders, communities and citizens to achieve common goals

November 19 AGM in Vancouver BC – Panel discussion after the business meeting celebrates the role failure plays in moving organizations to change. The discussion is intended to inspire, inform and ultimately change the way P2 practitioners perceive failure in our sector.

Thank you to IAP2 Canada that provided $1,500 to help cover expenses associated with the delivery of events.

Training – Thank you again to outgoing director Carolina Quintana-Kohut who has served as training coordinator for the past several years. We wish Carolina all the best in Alberta.

The IAP2 BC Chapter co-hosted 3 series of training in 2015; Foundations for Public Participation was offered by Dialogue Partners in April in Victoria, and again by the Canadian Trainers Collective in November in Vancouver; Emotion, Outrage and Public Participation was offered by the Canadian Trainers Collective in May in Vancouver.

IAP2 BC promotes training offered by the Canadian Trainers Collective and Dialogue Partners in exchange for a small donation that supports the delivery of Chapter programs and events for members. All trainers are invited to participate in the program. We are very grateful for the support provided by CTC and Dialogue Partners.

Member Services: Twice a year E- Bulletin and the website. The E-Bulletin promotes training, events, profiles members, and shares practitioner resources.

IAP2 Conference: Attended IAP2 North American conference in Portland in September where three of our members/organizations received awards. Congratulations to the City of Victoria, who won Organization of the Year; Beringia Community Planning in North Vancouver won Project of the Year and the Award for Indigenous Engagement; and the City of Vancouver received Honorable Mention for its Engaged City project. It was definitely a BC moment when the staff at the City of Victoria announced they were going to champion the idea of hosting the 2018 IAP2 Conference in Victoria. Several weeks ago the City of Victoria Council supported the idea for putting in a bid to host the conference. Planning has already started for the 2016 Conference in Montreal.

Membership – 113 members as of November 1st. We are hoping the new membership system developed by IAP2 Canada will be more effective at encouraging member renewal. The chapter currently sends out welcome emails to new members and we send emails to expired members to encourage them to rejoin or to complete an exit interview so that we can understand the factors that have led them not to be a member.

Acknowledging the Contributions of Donald Golob

I am sad to share that Donald Golob died Saturday, October 24th at 1pm at the age of 60 in Nanoose Bay on Vancouver Island. He was the Principal of Donald Golob Consulting, which he started in 1995 in North Vancouver to provide facilitation, public participation, and strategic planning services. Donald was past president and one of the founding members of IAP2 BC. He believed strongly in the values of public participation. It was with a great sense of humor that Donald worked and played, at times entertaining his colleagues with his bagpipes. He will be deeply missed by many.

To honor Donald’s memory IAP2 BC is pleased to announce the Donald Golob Award. The purpose is to recognize an individual who has demonstrated outstanding leadership in advancing IAP2 Core Values, and has made valuable contributions to the IAP2 organization as a “voice of the membership” by advocating for strong governance and values-based processes either through their practice and/or through their service on the IAP2 BC Executive and/or in their own practice’s noteworthy actions to enhance the provincial, national and international profile of the IAP2 BC Chapter. The annual $500 Donald Golob Award is funded jointly by IAP2 Canada and IAP2 BC, and is to be used for registration for an IAP2 Conference or professional development. More information is on the IAP2 BC website.

Looking Forward to the Year Ahead

This is the last year in our current strategic plan so the board will be looking at future directions. We welcome your suggestions. In addition with the new Societies Act coming into force in November 2016 as President I will be looking at the Chapter’s operating policies and bylaws to make recommendations for updates.

This will also be the last term (2 years) for myself as President, Secretary, Drew Ferrari and Treasurer, Sarah McKinney. The Chapter bylaws do not allow directors to serve for more than 3 terms or 6 years. We three must step down in November 2017 for one year from the Executive. I am announcing it now so that we can start to do transition planning and mentor directors over the next two years.

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