The IAP2 websitCONSULTATION ACTION-2e is going through a makeover, and photos of IAP2 in action will help it come alive! We’re looking for pictures of anything you, your company or your Chapter are doing, related to P2.

They could be photos oCONSULTATION SUMMIT PHOTO-1f consultation sessions, networking events, conferences, symposiums; LOL cats pictures will be considered, but only if the cats are in consultation mode. And anyone who has a cat will tell you, that ain’t gonna happen.

Well, OK … maybe it could …


So ABORIGINAL ENGAGEMENT-2please search your files, cameras, cell phones or whatever and find some choice photos we can use on the website and in our publications and upload them to this Dropbox site.

When submitting, please include the following information:

  • photographer name
  • Photo submitted by: [email address]
  • Photographer permission to use: Yes/No
  • Explicit consent from subject(s) received [especially in thhfx meet n greet 1e case of a close-up or single shot]: Yes/No/n/a
  • Subjects had general knowledge that photos were being taken: Yes/No/Unknown
  • Date

If the photographer wants credit, he or she needs to make sure his or her watermark is on the photo. Thanks a lot for your help in making your website better!

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