The IAP2 Canada Mentorship Program – MENTORS WANTED!

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“Wisdom share of participation public you must …”

The IAP2 Canada Mentorship Program is getting set to start its new cycle in February, and we are in the happy situation of being overwhelmed by those applying as protégés. But that means we have to pair these protégés with mentors, so we are extending the deadline for mentors to apply to Wednesday, January 27.

Contact Amelia at in order to apply, and visit the Mentorship Program webpage to get more details.

A big THANK YOU! to all those who’ve expressed interest: if your experience is anything like those who’ve taken part in the past, it will be a very rewarding one. Here’s what previous mentors and protégé(e)s have had to say:

It’s been a joy to have someone who knows the P2 world support me in my academic and professional ventures.

You just never know where the new connection may take you. As a mentor, I was thrilled to have my protégé travel from Ontario and join me at a conference in Alberta where we were able to work together as volunteers and talk about some of the challenges and opportunities that we have been discussing on our calls. It has been an extremely rewarding and fun relationship for me.

The program provided that set of ears for p2 and other aspects of life for the term. We will continue to chat post-Program as we made a connection!

As a mentor I am increasingly enthused about this program and its administration, and even more so by the dynamics of learning and growth that occur I believe for both mentor and mentee.

As a person who had 2 months of P2 experience prior to starting this mentorship. I have come away with more knowledge and confidence about what my role is. And I have a new connection and friendship!

So potential mentors: here’s your chance to pass along what you’ve learned and seen and to live part of the IAP2 Code of Ethics — “Support of the Practice”.

Contact by January 27!



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