UPDATE: The 2016 IAP2 North American Conference

Catching the wave, showing you care and acting up – the session schedule is set!

IAP2-LogoInUse-JAN2016 (1)It’s a question that hits the basic foundation of the profession: who cares about P2, and why should they? For many, it seems like a no-brainer, but as with anything, it’s valuable to take a step back and remind oneself why one does what one does.

Some 30 presentations are on the program for this year’s IAP2 North American Conference in Montréal, September 28-30. Each takes a look at this basic question in a unique way. You can register for the Conference here, and read the Schedule-at-a-Glance, where you can find out all you can look forward to in Montréal. 

EOP-2-3We are delighted to welcome back Charles Campion and Joel Mills, whose presentations in previous years have inspired Conference-goers. Along with Erin Simmons of the American Institute of Architects,Galvanizing a Global Wave of Public Participationlooks at the world-wide crisis in government and a loss of trust in institutions, and couples that with the reality that, as they put it, “where urban democracy flourishes, cities flourish”. These conditions are ideal for promoting genuine P2 – but how do you “globalize” it?

Me on the Map played at the Vancouver International Children’s Festival in 2015

Jan Derbyshire and Steve Williams will literally turn the proceedings into a circus, with “Me On The Map”, an exercise in using theatre as a means towards civic engagement and collective, ethical decision-making. The concept started as a children’s show (and what better time to instill a P2 mindset than when kids are young?), and Jan and Steve will show how it can be adapted for “adult” P2.

And it’s one thing to say your organization cares what The People think, but quite another to show it. People taking part in a P2 process want to know that their effort in coming out to the meetings or going online is really worth it, and Katrina McCullough, Peter Masson and Guy Chateauneuf of GHD Services will present “Caring About Public Engagement Around North America”. From iPads to handling a database of over 50,000 comments, they’ll show some of the tools that can help get that vital message across.

The 2016 IAP2 North American Conference also includes poster sessions, where you can chat with other P2 professionals about specific projects and two pre-Conference sessions on Wednesday, Sept. 28: the Indigenous Engagement Workshop and “P2 the Québec Way”.

There’s time to sign up for the Conference at the early-bird rate — $550.00 for members ($700.00 for non-members) – but that rate goes away on July 1. Your Conference registration fee includes breakfasts and lunches, dinner at the Core Values Awards gala, as well as the two pre-Conference sessions. You also qualify for the special room rate — $189/night – at the host hotel, Le Sofitel Golden Mile.

You can always check out the Conference website.

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