New tools; new ways of using old ones: you’ll find it this September in Montreal!

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(La version française est ici.)

The P2 world gives a lot of emphasis to online engagement, but can anything replace in-person consultations? The 2017 IAP2 North American Conference (Sept. 28-30 in Montréal) offers an opportunity to rekindle the whole concept of face-to-face: Facilitation Matters:  Learning from Four Variations of Face-to-Face Citizen Engagement. It will highlight the importance of thoughtful facilitation design and skillful execution, and equip participants with practical tools and resources that can be applied in multiple contexts. It will explore ways to make engagement more meaningful when people actually take the time to participate. Kate Bishop, Supervisor of Community Engagement in Guelph, Ontario, and Dr Rebecca Sutherns of Sage Solutions share their experiences from Guelph in this interactive workshop.

And the more tools you have in your P2 arsenal, the less time, money and expense you spend preparing for your projects. In Making Engagement Meaningful with P2 Toolkits, five successful practitioners from Canada and the United States will help you avoid trying to re-invent the wheel. Join them to learn ways of creating tangible resources that spark interest in civic involvement and empower participants. In this session, they will share three engagement toolkits; one created for a rural mobility project, another designed to enhance the outreach capacity of city staff, and a third, focused on making participation inclusive.

Register here, and remember that your registration includes the two pre-Conference workshops: Indigenous Engagement and P2 the Québec Way, as well as the IAP2 Core Values Awards Gala and Dinner Cruise, Sept. 29, presented by Hydro-Québec.

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