IAP2BC DrinlsOn Thursday, June 2nd IAP2 BC hosted another successful P2 Drinks at the Devils Elbow in Vancouver. Approximately two dozen practitioners and participants from the Delaney & Associates IAP2 Foundations training being conducted in Vancouver that week attended.

IAP2 BC Chapter President Catherine Rockandel welcomed guests and acknowledged Delaney & Associates for their sponsorship of P2 Drinks in association with their 20th Anniversary of working in and promoting public participation in Canada.

This was the first sponsorship of a P2 Drinks event. IAP2 BC recently developed a sponsorship policy, which includes:

  • ensuring that sponsorships align with IAP2 BC’s programs and services; and
  • providing guidelines to facilitate and support sponsorship opportunities.

The policy is available at:

P2 Drinks throughout 2016 is asking questions that challenge our basic assumptions about P2, in particular:

  • Why should we care about P2?
  • Can we get more people to care?
  • What does “meaningful engagement” mean?

The input gathered from the networking series and through online engagement is being integrated into a presentation to reflect the BC Voice at the IAP2 Canadian Conference in Montreal, September 28-30, 2016. We look forward to seeing you there!


It has been an exciting past month for the IAP2 Prairies Chapter!

The IAP2 Prairies Chapter Board has been engaging members and non-members through a variety of events across the provinces:

Kathryn Pollack at Regina

A Luncheon held in Regina with guest speaker Kathryn Pollack: Community Contributions to a Mega Project (June 15th). A discussion shared how the communities surrounding the Hamlet of Kronau contributed to the construction plans of a multi-billion-dollar potash mine project.

Kronau, SK

Winnipeg Lunch and Learn with Tiffany Skomro, Office of Public Engagement, City of Winnipeg (May 26th), in which participants were invited to learn about the role of the Office of Public Engagement at the City of Winnipeg, and how public engagement is being integrated into City projects.

Winnipeg Patio Event was held on June 16th – an informal gathering to chat about public participation and more. 

The IAP2 Prairies Chapter is also in the midst of organizing IAP2 Foundations Training – watch for more information!


The Great Lakes Chapter hosted Eric Bergman as guest speaker for its AGM on June 21st. Eric spoke on the blend between communications expertise and P2 objectives. In his most recent book The Engaging Public Participation Presentation, Eric takes readers through a step-by-step process to create conversational presentations that enhance engagement, understanding and support.  Written to support the values of IAP2, the book emphasizes the value of answering questions and engaging in conversation as keys to delivering messages effectively and meeting communication objectives.

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