President’s Message – July 2016

Bruce Gilbert, IAP2 President

Dear Colleagues and Friends

I hope you are now enjoying the well-deserved and long-awaited balmy days of summer in your respective corner of our amazing country. Suffice to say that now is not likely the best time to capture the attention of busy people with a lengthy summer Message about P2 matters. With this in mind I would like to use my brief opportunity here to say three things:

  1. Welcome aboard to the new Directors and Deputy Directors who have recently joined the IAP2 Canada Board. Thank you for stepping forward to become part of the leadership team for this important P2 organization. We’re pleased to welcome Jorge Avilès, Sarah Rivest and Michael Waters to the Board, along with new Deputy Directors Morgan Boyco, Kristen Farrell and Dhurata Ikonomi. Thank you also to the returning Directors and Deputy Directors: Jan Bloomfield, Hugo Mimee, Amanda Mitchell, Brenda Pichette, Noreen Rude and Ashleigh Weeden, and Deputy Director David Turner. Their particular responsibilities will be announced in September.

IAP2 Canada is a flourishing, creative and productive entity only because people like you have offered up your skills, knowledge, experience and elbow-grease for the P2 cause.

2. The 2016 IAP2 North American Conference (Who Cares About Public Participation?) being held in Montréal is now sold out. Congratulations to the organizing committee members for making this a reality. Thank you for your dedication and hard work especially since some of you will likely need to continue working on this event over the summer months when your friends are at the lake, the park or with their families. We clearly owe you. You have also at least partially answered the conference theme-question noted above – it’s obvious that you care a lot.

3. 2016-17 promises to be another very busy year for IAP2 Canada. Rest up and get ready to become involved with one or more of our projects, activities, committees or communities-of-practice in the fall. We are an organization that almost completely relies on the efforts of our member-volunteers. We need you.

Enjoy your summer!



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