Chapter News – September, 2016


2016 AGM Highlights Engagement by Conversation

The IAP2 Great Lakes Chapter hosted its AGM on June 21 with members and friends of the Chapter hearing from accredited communications professional and author Mr. Eric Bergman.

Eric Bergman, author of the book ‘The Engaging Public Participation Presentation’, drew on his 30 years of industry experience to address the Chapter on how to make P2 presentations more memorable and engaging, simply by turning presentations into a relaxed, two-way conversation.

To achieve this Eric’s advocates that ‘Less is more’ and outlined his PAS strategy when dealing with questions from stakeholders. The PAS strategy involves:

  1. Pause, think about the question being asked and the best way to respond
  2. Answer the question being asked (and only the question being asked) and then,
  3. Stop talking and let the interviewer ask follow up questions if required.

By following the PAS strategy, organizations can turn stakeholder questions into a relaxed two-way conversation that can build trust and deepen relationships. When it comes to presentations, Eric suggests to never leave audience questions to the end but rather to allow questions and conversations to flow naturally throughout the presentation.

The newest member of the IAP2 Great Lakes Chapter, Steph Hodsoll, and Chapter Secretary Kyal Butler discuss Eric Bergman’s book, The Engaging Public Participation Presentation.

Eric is pleased to have discovered IAP2 and felt at ‘home’ after many years of blending his communications expertise with P2 objectives.

Outgoing Chapter President, Karla Kolli, was thrilled to have had the chance for Eric to address the chapter stating that “One of our roles as a Chapter is to continually provide members with access to professional development opportunities and to have someone of Eric Bergman’s experience address our Chapter allows us all to become better practitioners in an industry that is constantly changing”.



The Atlantic Chapter hosted Peter MacLeod of MassLBP at a Professional Development Breakfast on September 13.

peter-macleod-210x154Peter is the co-founder and principal of MASS, and one of Canada’s leading experts in public engagement and deliberative democracy. Under his leadership, MASS has led some of Canada’s most original and ambitious efforts to engage citizens in tackling tough policy options while pioneering the use of Civic Lotteries and Citizen Reference Panels on behalf of a wide array of clients.

Watch for photos and a write-up of Peter’s talk in the October newsletter.


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