The 2016 IAP2 North American Conference

IAP2-LogoInUse-JAN2016 (1)So … was that a rhetorical question?

Apparently, 241 people involved with P2 didn’t think so: turning out for a sold-out conference at the Sofitel in Montréal at the end of September. They came from across Canada and the US, and from Australia, France and Switzerland to discuss and come up with answers to that question and the sub-topics – Why should people care? How can we get more people to care? And What would happen if people stopped caring?

img_20160929_131203235From the opening plenary, which featured a world café on the theme; through the sessions, which covered topics such as: engaging Indigenous communities, spicing up a P2 process with more exciting communications and putting P2 principles to work following the Lac Mégantic disaster; to the keynote speeches; the conference found answers to those questions and opened up new discussions.img_7883

There was a lot of knowledge being mobilized, so for those of you who missed it, we’ve posted the session presentations online, along with resources, slides and session descriptions. There are also the videos of our two keynote speakers, J-P Gladu of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business and Dicki Chhoyang, formerly of the Central Tibetan Administration.

It was, in all, a Really Good Time: a chance to talk shop; see old friends again and meet new ones; and get refreshed while hanging out with people who “get” P2. And with it all happening in exciting, cosmopolitan Montréal, where things are always moving (except traffic on Sherbrooke Street), there was plenty to do during the “down-time”.

Of course, none of this would have been possible without the volunteers: no fewer than 45 people worked on the Steering Committee, the Program Committee, the Comité Saint-Laurent, which was responsible for local, conference-related events, and helped out during the conference itself on the registration table and in other capacities. We are grateful to every one of them for the hours they put in.


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