The 2016 IAP2 Core Values Awards

The Core Values Awards provide an excellent opportunity to learn from the best of the best in the business, and once again, you can learn about winning P2 efforts from around the world. What was the epiphany LandCorp in Western Australia experienced? How did the city of Auckland, New Zealand put the “public” in “public transport”? What did Saint Paul (Minnesota) Public Schools learn from the learners when it came time to re-vamp its facilities?

Read about it all in the new 2016 Core Values Awards Showcase from the IAP2 Federation. Read how Nova Scotia Health won Federation Project of the Year for its Community Health Teams and the Jefferson Center and Maxwell School of Public Affairs at Syracuse University scored the top Research Project in the world for their joint research into diagnostic error in the US health care system. And let’s not just read about the projects: consider how their approaches and tools can be applied to work you’re doing.

Want to know more about the IAP2 Canada Core Values Awards? Read all about them here.

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