IAP2 Canada Volunteers Focus on Training

Providing more P2 training opportunities and resources is emerging as one of the bigger needs in Canada. That’s according to the survey launched last year by the Professional Development Task Force.

In 2017, the Task Force will make the transition into the IAP2 Canada Training Committee.  The Committee will be responsible for developing a national training strategy and beginning the development of new training resources based on what was heard from you in 2016.

In 2016 the Task Force looked into training needs across Canada, conducting semi-structured interviews with 20 engagement experts, a survey open to IAP2 Canada members and friends, and an environmental scan of training currently available in Canada.

The Task Force found that Canadian P2 practitioners are actively seeking further training opportunities to build and develop their skills and that this training should be diverse, affordable, and accessible.

The research also highlighted the importance of making P2 training available to non-practitioners like decision-makers, professionals such as project managers, and public and civil society organizations. It was felt that providing basic P2 knowledge to this sector would raise awareness of the benefits of public engagement and contribute to increasing the quality and quantity of future Canadian P2 initiatives.

A call for interest in Training Committee membership – from both members and stakeholders – went out in December. We had an excellent response from individuals across the country, and are are now contacting folks to confirm interest and availability. The next step for this Committee will be to develop a national training strategy, which will include a comprehensive framework for training development, a three-year training plan, and on-going development and pilot delivery of new P2 training.

Thanks to everyone who expressed interest.

Follow Training Committee updates and announcements on the IAP2 Canada website.

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