CHAPTER NEWS – January 2017

St Lawrence

The last week of January will be a busy one for IAP2 in Ottawa, including an appearance by IAP2 Canada President Bruce Gilbert at a panel discussion on Open Government.

Amelia Shaw, IAP2 Canada Executive Manager, will present at the meeting of the Government of Canada Consultation Community of Practice on February 1. She’ll be explaining IAP2, its resources, benefits and what it means to be part of a national and international network of P2 peers.

kent-aitkenThat same afternoon, IAP2 St Lawrence will hold its first event of 2017: a panel discussion featuring Bruce, Don Lenihan of Canada 2020 and Kent Aitken (right), Prime Ministers of Canada Fellow, Public Policy Forum. The panel will be moderated by IAP2 Board member Brenda Pichette.



p2  drinksThe westernmost Chapter is planning more P2 Drinks sessions and Deep Dive events for 2017, kicking off with a Deep Dive into Indigenous Engagement. On Thursday, Feb. 16, Jeff Cook and Sarah Gillett, Principal and Community Planner, respectively, of Beringia Community Planning, will lead a discussion on “Public Participation as a Necessary Ingredient for Healing and Reconciliation”.

Click here for registration/ RSVP.

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