IAP2 Certification Assessment Centre set for June 16 & 17!

certificationsealYou’ve completed the five-day IAP2 Foundations course, and now it’s time for the next step. You need to show colleagues, clients and the general public that you have the skills, experience and breadth of knowledge (wrapped up in the Five Core Competencies) to deliver meaningful P2 in whatever situation you encounter.

IAP2 Canada is proud to announce the next Certification Assessment Centre.Certification is that assurance that you meet a set of internationally-recognized standards. The designation CP3Certified Public Participation Professional – is an important addition to the signature line or letterhead of any P2 practitioner.

Ask yourself — Do I know how to:

  • work with a sponsor to understand the decision to be made
  • define clear objectives and design a P2 process
  • identify who should be involved in the P2 process and how to engage them
  • pick the right tools and techniques and know how to use them
  • build relationships with Indigenous communities

If you answered YES! to these questions, then you may have what it takes to earn that CP3!

Are you ready to step up? The next Assessment Centre is set for June 16-17 at a location to be determined (it will be at a spot most convenient for the majority of applicants).

Download the information kit and the application form. The application deadline is March 16.

Wondering about how to fill in the Certification Application? The IAP2 Canada Certification Task Force will host a webinar Wednesday, February 22 at 2pm Eastern (11am Pacific), to provide a step-by-step approach to filling in the application. We want you to be successful and this is the first and an important step to getting you certified. Sign up for the webinar here.

Key dates:

  • Information webinar: Feb. 22
  • Application deadline: March 16
  • Assessment Centre: June 16-17

You can learn more about the IAP2 Canada Professional Certification Program by going to the web page or read the Frequently Asked Questions.

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