Applications Open to Become an IAP2 Licensed Trainer

February 1, 2017 – The International Association for Public Participation (IAP2 Federation) is now accepting applications from individuals in the field of public engagement who are interested in becoming licensed to deliver the IAP2 international training program, Foundations in Public Participation.

The Train-the-Trainer (T3) program has been refreshed during the past year with the guidance of SBM Consultants (Canada) and IAP2 volunteer Steering Committee members: Jan Bloomfield, Anne Carroll, Kylie Cochrane, Anne Harding, Gale Simpson, and Erika Du Plessis, along with input from subject matter experts among the IAP2 training community.

Candidates in the new T3 program, working through the process in a cohort led by experienced IAP2 Foundations Instructors, will develop a thorough understanding of the Foundations course content and principles of adult education, hone their skills and delivery techniques via in-person training and practice sessions, acquire practical experience co-training with an IAP2 Licensed Trainer, and receive mentoring support through their first year as a Trainer.

“IAP2 recognizes there are growing opportunities for advancing the practice of public participation internationally. The IAP2 Foundations in Public Participation program is a key element of the strategy to accomplish the mission of IAP2,” said Noreen Rude, IAP2 Federation Presiding Member.

The objectives of the T3 program are to serve current and new markets, expand the reach to practitioners who speak a language other than English, and benefit IAP2 members by ensuring the availability of high quality, effective public participation training around the world. Applications for the first cohort are being accepted through March 31, 2017 for training to begin in mid-June 2017. The complete packet of materials including the Candidate Handbook and Application are available for download on the webpage How to Become an IAP2 Trainer.

Applications for Trainer Candidates are due by 31 March 2017.

Interested in becoming an IAP2 Licensed Trainer? Do you have questions about the application? Join one of our upcoming webinar sessions to learn more!

IAP2 Federation is organizing webinars for applicants who are interested in learning more about the Trainer Licensing Program for the Foundations in Public Participation course.

The purpose is to share more information about the process and provide an opportunity for applicants to ask questions.

In order to reach potential applicants across many time zones around the world, IAP2 is offering three sessions (same content):

Session A – March 7 at 11:00 AM PST (UTC-8)
Session B – March 8 at 10:00 AM WIB (UTC+7)
Session C – March 8 at 3:00 PM SAST/EET (UTC+2)

Interested applicants are asked to Register for a webinar session by Friday, March 3.

For further information or questions about the IAP2 Train-the-Trainer program, contact Cassandra Hemphill, IAP2 Federation Professional Development Manager at

For general information about IAP2, contact Ellen Ernst, IAP2 Federation Executive Manager at

About IAP2
IAP2 is an international association of members who seek to promote and improve the practice of public participation in relation to individuals, governments, institutions, and other entities that affect the public interest in nations throughout the world. IAP2 carries out its mission by organizing and conducting activities to:

  • Serve the learning needs of members through events, publications, and communication technology;
  • Advocate for public participation throughout the world;
  • Promote a results-oriented research agenda and use research to support educational and advocacy goals;
  • Provide technical assistance to improve public participation.

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