BC Chapter News

March 2017

Daniella Fergusson (centre) with Maddie Thompson, Hannah Prince, Anna Bruce and Danielle Palfery

On March 15, the P2 Drinks series launched “Try a Technique”. The result of requests from IAP2 BC members, these sessions are held in conjunction with Foundations training courses: an opportunity to “test drive” a particular technique in an environment where one can make mistakes, learn from one another and ask questions.

The March session highlighted the Interview Matrix, a tool that helps promote dialogue in small groups (fewer than 40 people). It’s described as one of the more powerful ways of making sure everyone gets equal time, in order to build consensus.

The “Deep Dive” series continues in April with two events on the 27th: Susanna Haas Lyons will give a presentation on evaluation techniques in Vancouver (find more information here), while Tanya Twynstra will speak on the “BC Government’s Engagement Story since 2012” in Victoria. Click here for more information and to register.

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