Wild Rose Chapter News

March 2017

Calgary Coffee Klatch

COFFEE KLATSCHCommunications Board members Rebecca McElhoes and Sue Blanchard hosted a lively discussion on March 15. Clockwise from bottom left: Rebecca, CJ Nyeste, Sue, Erin Pote, Samantha Brown and Brenden Smith.

The topic: preparing internal teams for engagement and helping clients to identify elements of projects that are “open” to engagement.  They also shared stories about building trust with both clients and external stakeholders, and spoke about how the practice of engagement has evolved in the last decade.  Your WR Board encourages you to participate in Coffee Klatches in your neck of the woods as they’re a great opportunity to get to know your fellow practitioners, share a few war stories, and even learn a thing or two from others’ experiences.

IAP2 Wild Rose 2017 survey results

The IAP2 Wild Rose chapter recently conducted a membership survey and the results reveal how members (and non-members) feel about the chapter’s services.  Respondents noted how the chapter could help improve their skills, commented on which events they enjoyed and even told us what their strategic priorities are in public participation for the next 6 to 18 months.

Fast facts:

  • 66 people responded/86% were members
  • Most respondents work for the government (39%), work for themselves (30%), or work for a corporation (23%)
  • Most noted that public participation, community relations, or communications was their primary work focus, though a small number also identified employee engagement, negotiation and research were components of their work.
  • 61% of respondents stated planning for public participation that meets best practices was a priority while the next most popular responses were measuring return on investment and measuring reputation.
  • 92% of respondents stated that public participation would remain an equal or become a greater priority within their own or their organization’s practice over the next 2-3 years.
  • Key topics of interest to respondents included:
  • Interactive, online engagement tools
  • Measuring Public Participation success
  • Indigenous engagement

These results will be shared with various board committees to help focus our activities and services in the coming year.

We thank you for your open and honest responses and are thrilled to have had so many respondents identify their interest in volunteering with IAP2 Wild Rose.  Our various committees will be considering opportunities for engaging these eager resources.

We would also like to congratulate Sara Alaric, our lucky survey respondent who was randomly selected to win a $50 Starbucks card!

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