CHAPTER NEWS – June 2017

St Lawrence / Saint-Laurent

ST-LAURENT - LAURENCE AND JOANAL’assemblée générale annuelle de la section Saint-Laurent a eu lieu le 16 juin. Deux invitées sont venues de la France pour faire une présentation : Laurence Monnoyer-Smith (à gauche), commissaire générale au développement durable, et Joana Janiw, ancienne membre de la Fédération AIP2, discutaient la nouvelle « Charte de la participation public ».  Lire leur PowerPoint ici.

L’assemblée entière a été enregistrée, et peut-être écoutée ici; le PowerPoint peut-être lu ici.

Le conseil de la section pour 2017-2018 a était élu, soit :

  • Marcello Bursztein – Ottawa
  • Janis Crawford – Montréal
  • Guy Grenier – Montréal
  • Krista Kagume – Ottawa
  • Joseph Thornley – Ottawa
  • Louis-Michel Tremblay – Saguenay
  • Peter Wilton – Ottawa
  • Hugo Mimee – Montréal (président sortant)

Les positions seront déterminées à la première réunion du nouveau conseil, ou en juillet ou en août.

En terminant son titre de président, Hugo nous dit : « Pour ma part, j’ai terminé mon mandat à titre de président. Et je laisse la place à quelqu’un d’autre. Je demeure toutefois impliqué pour an à titre de président sortant. Ma plus grande réalisation au cours de ce mandat est d’avoir organisé bon nombre d’événement, notamment Des Consultations municipales qui ont du mordant! en mars 2016 et bien entendu la conférence nord-américaine de Montréal en septembre 2016. Je continue mes efforts afin de faire plus de bilinguisme à AIP2 Canada et d’entretenir un réseau de bénévoles (membres et non-membres) qui s’impliquent d’une façon ou d’une autre auprès de l’AIP2. »

The St Lawrence Chapter held its Annual General Meeting on June 16.

The guest speakers were Laurence Monnoyer-Smith (left), Secretary for Sustainable Development, and Joana Janiw. former member of the IAP2 Federation Board and responsible for public participation in France. They described the French government’s “Charter of Public Participation”.

Read the presentation PowerPoint (in French) here.

The AGM, including the guest presentation, was recorded and can be heard here. The accompanying PowerPoint can be found here.

The St Lawrence Chapter elected its new Board for 2017-2018:

  • Marcello Bursztein – Ottawa
  • Janis Crawford – Montréal
  • Guy Grenier – Montréal
  • Krista Kagume – Ottawa
  • Joseph Thornley – Ottawa
  • Louis-Michel Tremblay – Saguenay
  • Peter Wilton – Ottawa
  • Hugo Mimee – Montréal (past-president)

The executive positions will be determined at the new Board’s first meeting in July or August.

In stepping down as Chapter President, Hugo says, “I am stepping down in favour of someone else, but will continue as past-president for the next year. Over my term as president, my greatest accomplishment was to increase the number of events, notably “Municipal Consultations with Bite!” that we held in March 2016 and, of course, the 2016 IAP2 North American Conference in Montreal in September. I will continue to work to increase bilingualism in IAP2 Canada and to increase the network of volunteers – both members and non-members – working with IAP2 in one way or another.”


En mai, l’événement mensuel “3° mardi” mettait en vedette trois fonctionnaires fédérales, Laura Wesley du bureau du conseil privé, Mélanie Robert du Conseil du trésor du Canada, et Dhurata Ikonomi du Communauté des régulateurs fédéraux (et membre du conseil national de l’AIP2 Canada dès septembre proche). Elles ont donné une mise-au-jour sur le projet du Gouvernement ouvert.

Lire le « Twitter Moment » (en anglais) ici.

In May, the monthly “Third Tuesday” featured three Federal Government officials — Laura Wesley of the Privy Council office, Melanie Robert from the Treasury Board, and Dhurata Ikonomi of the Community of Federal Regulators – providing an update on the Open Government Project.

The event was captured in a Twitter Moment.


The BC Chapter’s “P2 Drinks” series moved out of the usual centres – Vancouver or Victoria – into Duncan, about 45 minutes north of Victoria. IAP2 BC Vice-President Lisa Moilanen, IAP2 Canada board member Mike Waters, and IAP2 Canada Executive Manager Amelia Shaw were among the dozen or so who met at a restaurant in Duncan.

The evening featured a lively exchange of ideas and views with frank and open conversation and networking, building the sort of support system P2 professionals need in order to advance the practice.

DUNCAN P2Natasha Horsman (standing, left) of the Municipality of North Cowichan explained how IAP2 principles are taking hold in its consultation strategy, although there is still work to be done to make it part of the culture around Municipal Hall. Also, municipalities in the Cowichan Valley Regional District – which includes Duncan and North Cowichan – are starting to combine efforts to reach out to more people.

Some of the “take-aways” from the event, according to Lisa Moilanen, included:

  • Local governments are on the cusp of change, and expectations are shifting
  • Politicians need to understand the demographics of their communities better, and note that different sectors have different expectations – which means it’s necessary to have different tools
  • Current discourse tends to be polarized and sometimes unreasonable
  • Everyone wins when you inform early – this can head off spreading of misconceptions and negative reaction, particularly in smaller communities
  • Influencers need to be given enough information to allow for deeper conversation within the community
  • Open Houses are the most known tool in that region of smaller communities, but they can be ineffective – especially if the topic is uncontroversial
  • People need to be “brought along”, that is, they need to be told that engagement is a process that works over time.

Wild Rose

Signature Event

For more than 20 years, the IAP2 Wild Rose Chapter has brought its members its Signature Event, a one or two-day conference stakeholder engagement professionals across Alberta. The successful semiannual event attracted roughly 80 attendees this year and focused on “Walking Together: Reconciliation and Public Participation”. Held on May 4th and 5th in Edmonton, Alberta, the conference sessions focused on Indigenous Engagement, reconciliation between Indigenous people and all Canadians, and the role the public participation profession can play and the contribution we can make to this important work.

A key highlight of the 2017 Signature Event was the Blanket Exercise, an interactive learning experience that shared the history behind Indigenous rights. The exercise took participants on an emotional and intellectual adventure and effectively increased their levels of understanding and empathy.

For more detailed information about on our Signature Event, click here.

Wild Rose Board Update:

The Wild Rose Chapter is pleased to announce our Incoming President, Lauren Bartlette, and welcome the new 2017-2019 Board. Lauren, as well as the new Board members are excited to build on past successes, lessons learned and feedback from the member’s survey to exceed our member’s expectations this term. We would also like to thank exiting Board members Jennifer Wells, Rebecca Mcelhoes, Mariel Higuerey and Elizbeth Armitage for their time and dedication to the Wild Rose Chapter; your commitment to the profession is appreciated.

Welcome 2017 – 2019 Wild Rose returning Board members

  • Lauren Bartlette, President (2017-2018)
  • Gay Robinson, Treasurer (2016-2018)
  • Julie Carter, Secretary (2016-2018)
  • Amanda Kaiser, Past President (2017-2018)
  • Sue Blanchard (2016-2018)
  • Tom Schlodder (2016-2018)
  • Anne Huizinga (2016-2018)
  • Kevin Thorvaldson, Director at Large (2017-2019)
  • Mike Coldwell, Director at Large (2017-2019)

Welcome new 2017 – 2019 Wild Rose new Board members

  • Shawn Bravender, Vice President (2017-2019)
  • Annemarie Marshall, Director at Large (2017-2019)
  • Christine Waiand, Director at Large (2017-2019)
  • Kathryn (Katie) McKinnon, Director at Large (2017-2019)
  • Megan Mucignat, Youth Director (2017-2019)
  • Whitney McKenzie, Youth Director (2017-2019)

retreatThe Board gathered in Red Deer on June 9th, 2017 for their strategic retreat. The day was a great success, and provided an opportunity for new and existing board members to touch base on the Chapter’s vision and guiding principles, closely review the results of the member survey, break into the various committees and set priorities and action for the year ahead. The Board is eager to meet the needs of our members and volunteers while empowering them to achieve their public participation goals.


The Prairies Chapter hosted a Lunch-and-Learn in Winnipeg, featuring Certified Environmental Professional Somia Sadiq discussing Indigenous Engagement, and what to expect in light of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Persons. In particular, Somia, whose background is in mining, went into the full meaning of “Free, Prior and Informed Consent”.

The previously advertised Lunch-and-Learn on “Engagement, Traditional Knowledge and Environmental Assessment”, which had been scheduled for Saskatoon (and Regina, by web-conference), had to be postponed. No new date has been set.

Great Lakes

The Great Lakes Chapter held its Annual General Meeting on June 1. The new executive for 2017-2018 is:

  • President—Karla Kolli
  • Vice-president—Michelle Dwyer
  • Past-president—Donna Kell
  • Secretary—Jodi Ball
  • Treasurer—Chris Gurski
  • Members at Large—Kyal Butler, Tracey Ehl, Tracy Manolakakis

Message from Outgoing President Donna Kell

DONNA KELL-3This is my second year serving on the executive board of the Great Lakes Chapter of IAP2. It has been my privilege to work with people who truly want to engage with corporate and government partners to create better decision-making and a better outcome.

Looking back on 2016-17
The Great Lakes Chapter began 2016-17 with an insightful presentation from Eric Bergman, APR, ABC and Master Communicator. Eric has taken his formidable knowledge of communications and human behaviour and blended it with a passion for public engagement. This was the basis for a P2 presentation pilot program that got off the ground successfully. We were thankful for a sneak peek in June 2016 at our AGM in Toronto.

In 2016, we also invited IAP2 Great Lakes Chapter members to visit Mohawk Institute Residential School, including the Woodland Cultural Centre, in Brantford. This was a riveting experience for all of us, and made real the struggle of our First Nations brothers and sisters and deepened our understanding of their experiences. Understanding this key partner helps us to be better at engaging and better at communicating.

We used a survey to reach out to our membership to see how they wished to be reached and get involved. They told us to use more online tools and to maintain face-to-face opportunities.

Looking ahead to 2017-18
We have identified our challenges for 2017. One of the biggest is the size of our coverage area. The Great Lakes Chapter stretches from Barrie in the north, Lake Ontario in the south, Kingston to the east and Fort Erie to the west and includes Highways 401 and 400 and the Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW). We will continue trying online ways, such as webinars and social media, to reach across our geography, maintaining that vital connection with each other and encouraging new friends to join IAP2 Great Lakes Chapter.

Emerging trends

In 2017, we will hear more about potential adjustments to the IAP2 Spectrum of Public Participation and will contribute when and where we can to this important tool.  We will also see more traditional public relations and communications professionals develop their engagement skills and look to IAP2 for some helpful hints. We welcome these colleagues and invite them to join IAP2.

Thank you to the Executive Team for your efforts during 2016-17. We have accomplished great things together. I look forward to continuing to build the profile of IAP2 Great Lakes Chapter and ensure practitioners have the engagement tools they need to make great things happen.


Donna Kell, APR
President, 2016-2017, Great Lakes Chapter, IAP2 Canada

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