From the Board – Summer 2017

sarah-rivest (1)Sarah Rivest, Secretary

Bienvenue and welcome!

Many thanks to the members who were able to join our AGM online on June 14. The meeting was a chance to review all of the good that IAP2 Canada was a part of in 2016, including the treasurer’s report, membership highlights and also a look ahead to 2017. It was great to have representatives from Coast to Coast participate and I found it nice to reflect on the current projects and plans to support professionals in public participation.

We took the time to thank the significant contributions from the following departing board members:

Jan Bloomfield

Noreen Rude

Tracy Vaughan

Jorge Aviles

During the meeting, the nominating committee announced the acclamation for Board Members and on behalf of the board would like to warmly welcome:

New Board Members (2017-2020)

Hugo Mimee (Québec) – second term

Dhurata Ikonomi (Ontario)

Kevin Thorvaldson (Alberta)

Mark Weir (Ontario)

New Deputy Board Members

Sheri Florizone (Prairies)

Samantha Thompson (Ontario)

Returning to the board for 2017 will be:

Continuing Board Members

Bruce Gilbert (Newfoundland)

Amanda Mitchell (British Columbia)

Brenda Pichette (Ontario)

Ashleigh Weeden (Ontario)

Sarah Rivest (Québec)

Michael Waters (British Columbia)

Continuing Deputy Board Members

Kristen Farrell (Ontario)

Morgan Boyco (Ontario)

It is truly wonderful to see a mix of provinces represented on the board, and also to have a mix of new and continuing Board Members. Many projects take years to come to fruition and it’s great for the strategy of these important projects to include different experiences. I’m excited to meet our new board at the next face to face meeting after the North American conference in Denver in September, at which time all executive positions will be nominated and elected.

If you would like more information about the AGM including links to read the 2016 Annual Report, to watch the AGM webinar, or to view the PowerPoint presentation from the AGM, please click here.

Best wishes for a great summer!


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