Chapter News – November-December 2018

Great Lakes

Civicplan iap2 award_croppedThey couldn’t come to the awards, so we brought the award to them! Civicplan tied with Justice Canada for the Core Values Award for Creativity, Contribution and Innovation in the Field, but they weren’t able to come to the Core Values Awards Gala in Victoria in September. So Great Lakes Chapter Board Member Michelle Dwyer took the award to Hamilton to present it in person to Sonja Macdonald and Paul Shaker.


Yukon P2’ers team up with IAP2 BC
The gracious folks at IAP2 BC have welcomed their Yukon neighbors to join their chapter and events. 
Emily Jarvis gives Yukon a “look-in” at IAP2 BC
As a kick-off event, a joint live webcast was hosted in October between Whitehorse, Kelowna and Vancouver with about 60 folks participating in the concurrent event.  The topic was: Yukon Ho! Adventures in P2. Yukon P2 practitioners Kara Johancsik and Emily Jarvis with the Yukon government joined contractor John Glynn-Morris (contractor) to share what’s going on with P2 in Yukon. There’s a lot going on that needs the P2 touch, with 11 self-governing First Nations; limited connectivity and remote communities; and some big public policy questions.  
A ‘celebrity-interview’ style podcast kicked off the event with other Yukoners sharing in the Yukon story.  The live-event was followed by excellent questions from folks in Kelowna and Vancouver and then each location wrapped up with their own mingling and networking events. 
From here, the Yukon-crew will join (and hopefully contribute to) future IAP2 BC events.  And, Yukon’s own Emily Jarvis has joined the IAP2 BC Board. A big thank you to Kari O’Rourke in Kelowna for making the venue and refreshments arrangements and hosting colleagues there who are also very keen to be part of future events.


The Prairies Chapter hosted Stephani Roy McCallum for A deep dive into the messy, scary challenges of public participationHow to Handle Emotion and Outrage in Engagement on November 5.  Thirteen participants literally braved the storm to attend the Deep Dive evening event  from a range of sectors. It was valuable to hear Stephani’s real life accounts of navigating conflict and emotion in engagement. Participants were happy to share their own challenging experiences and brainstorm alternative approaches navigating similar situations in the future.

Our AGM is set for January 24. Events will be hosted in Saskatoon, Regina, and Winnipeg.

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