President’s Message – November-December 2018

Sarah Rivest, President

Hello et bonjour Friends and mes collègues!

I wanted to start by thanking our IAP2 Canada Committees for submitting action plans and budgets for 2019, which the board requests each November.

We have ongoing action plans from Bilingualism, Certification, Communications and Marketing, our Communities of Practice (Indigenous Inclusion and Energy), Professional Development and Training, Strategic Relationships and Research. At our November board meeting we will review all of the documents and vote on the decision items, so it’s a full meeting with no shortage of discussion. In the next President’s message, I’m looking forward to reporting back on the good work planned for 2019.

The international change journey continues forward, and I wanted to take the time to recognize Canadian members who have stepped forward into leadership roles. Catherine Rockandel is one of the co-leads for the Brand and Member Value committee, and Richard Delaney is one of the team leads for Training and Professional Development.

There are several Canadian members who are volunteering with Advocacy and Emerging Practice, Brand and Member Value, Training and Professional Development and the Governance committees. These International committees have recently completed the scope of work, and the discussions are very collaborative. In the meetings I have attended, there is participation from each of the regions, and I feel very fortunate that we are part of an International Association, who is looking to connect members from around the world to collaborate what the next steps will be. Once the scope of work and timelines are finalized, we will provide updates in the New Year about next steps, and opportunities to participate.

Speaking of International, I was thrilled to learn that the City of Edmonton was named 2018 International Organization of the Year! This is a huge honour, as the entries from other regions were also outstanding. The award was presented at the IAP2 Core Values Awards Gala in Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. The City of Edmonton also won IAP2 Canada’s Core Value Awards for 2018 Organization of the Year. Please congratulate those that you know who work for the City of Edmonton, and if you are interested in watching their nomination video please visit: The City of Edmonton, for “What to do When a City, its Staff, and People Decide it’s Time for a Change“.

The next president’s message will be in the January newsletter, so in advance, I would like to wish you a happy and healthy holiday season!


Sarah Rivest

IAP2 Canada President


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