Webinar Rewind – NAC Encore: “Cancel Culture” and Communications Planning – Nov. 9, 2021

One of the great fears people in public life have these days, is the fear of being “cancelled” — essentially ostracized on social media and elsewhere for saying or doing something others find offensive. In our November webinar, Kathryn Kolaczek, CEO of Alchemy Communications, reprised her 2021 North American Conference session on moving towards accountability in communications planning.

An individual or organization can be “cancelled” for errors ranging from a statement of an honestly held, but unpopular, belief; something well-meaning but inadvertent; or blatantly leveraging a social issue to position their product or service as “woke”. The proliferation of social media, combined with increased demands regarding justice and equality, have increased the possibility that even a simple miscue can be reputationally disastrous.

In the webinar, Kathryn looks at ways of avoiding such situations before they start, as well as ways of defusing situations once they’ve occurred. She discusses the differences among “calling in”, “calling out” and “cancelling”, and offers ways of achieving an accountability mindset in yourself and your organization.

IAP2 Canada members can watch the entire webinar and download other material here.

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