March 2022 – Canadian Elected Chair of IAP2 International Board 

Another Region Joins IAP2 Family

by Jane Newlands, CP3

In January, Bruce Gilbert, Ph.D. was elected Chair of the International Board. “I am delighted to have this opportunity to help IAP2 improve, grow, and consolidate its place on the global stage as an organization committed to and at the cutting edge of international P2 excellence” Bruce commented. 

Bruce Gilbert

Bruce served as IAP2 Canada president from 2015-18. He has served at the international level since 2017 and helped to shepherd the organization through its transition from federation to the current affiliate structure. Another major initiative of the International Board is the update and harmonization the IAP2 training materials. This represents the culmination of several years’ work with IAP2 members across all of the regions providing input into the development of the updated training materials. Stay tuned for future announcements from IAP2 Canada regarding the rollout of the new harmonized curriculum

In other exciting international news, IAP2 Latin America is now an official legal entity registered in Chile. In January, an individual member joined IAP2 Canada from Colombia, and now we are excited to welcome this new affiliate to our IAP2 family.  

Looking ahead, the Board recently endorsed a new strategic plan for 2022 that supports the work of the International Board to:

  • Support the expansion of IAP2 internationally; 
  • Set the standards for and advance the practice of public participation globally; and
  • Continue to build a strong organization, with both a strong International Board and strong regions.

For more information on the activities of the International Board, please contact your Canadian International Board reps:

Bruce Gilbert at  

Jane Newlands at 

Jane Newlands, CP3

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