Wild Rose Chapter News

March 2017

Calgary Coffee Klatch

COFFEE KLATSCHCommunications Board members Rebecca McElhoes and Sue Blanchard hosted a lively discussion on March 15. Clockwise from bottom left: Rebecca, CJ Nyeste, Sue, Erin Pote, Samantha Brown and Brenden Smith.

The topic: preparing internal teams for engagement and helping clients to identify elements of projects that are “open” to engagement.  They also shared stories about building trust with both clients and external stakeholders, and spoke about how the practice of engagement has evolved in the last decade.  Your WR Board encourages you to participate in Coffee Klatches in your neck of the woods as they’re a great opportunity to get to know your fellow practitioners, share a few war stories, and even learn a thing or two from others’ experiences.

IAP2 Wild Rose 2017 survey results

The IAP2 Wild Rose chapter recently conducted a membership survey and the results reveal how members (and non-members) feel about the chapter’s services.  Respondents noted how the chapter could help improve their skills, commented on which events they enjoyed and even told us what their strategic priorities are in public participation for the next 6 to 18 months.

Fast facts:

  • 66 people responded/86% were members
  • Most respondents work for the government (39%), work for themselves (30%), or work for a corporation (23%)
  • Most noted that public participation, community relations, or communications was their primary work focus, though a small number also identified employee engagement, negotiation and research were components of their work.
  • 61% of respondents stated planning for public participation that meets best practices was a priority while the next most popular responses were measuring return on investment and measuring reputation.
  • 92% of respondents stated that public participation would remain an equal or become a greater priority within their own or their organization’s practice over the next 2-3 years.
  • Key topics of interest to respondents included:
  • Interactive, online engagement tools
  • Measuring Public Participation success
  • Indigenous engagement

These results will be shared with various board committees to help focus our activities and services in the coming year.

We thank you for your open and honest responses and are thrilled to have had so many respondents identify their interest in volunteering with IAP2 Wild Rose.  Our various committees will be considering opportunities for engaging these eager resources.

We would also like to congratulate Sara Alaric, our lucky survey respondent who was randomly selected to win a $50 Starbucks card!

Chapter News – Oct. 2017

Great Lakes

Indigenous Peoples and P2 Practice 

How can the principles of P2 help us move towards reconciliation?

What actions can we take as an organization and as individuals?

IAP2 Great Lakes Chapter invites you to join us in a visit to the Woodland Cultural Centre to explore these and other important questions.  This event will include a traditional lunch sponsored by IAP2 Great Lakes Chapter, a tour of the museum and the residential school, and a workshop on First Nations Stereotypes and Racism.

The Woodland Cultural Centre is a non-profit organization which preserves and promotes the culture and heritage of the First Nations of the Eastern Woodland area. The Centre was established in 1972 under the direction of the Association of Iroquois and Allied Indians upon the closure of the Mohawk Institute Residential School.  The Mohawk Institute Residential School operated in Brantford, Ontario from 1828 to 1970 as a boarding school for First Nations children from Six Nations, as well as other communities throughout Ontario and Quebec.

The Centre includes an art gallery, library and museum.  The Museum is one of the largest facilities in Canada managed and administered by First Nations.  With over thirty-five thousand artifacts, the Woodland Museum has been established to collect, preserve, research, exhibit and interpret a collection of archaeological material, historical material culture, arts, crafts, documents and archival photographs.  The collections are presented in a dramatic storyline beginning with our Iroquoian and Algonkian prehistoric past through to the 21st century.

Date: October 26th 2016

Time:  Noon to 4:00 p.m.

Location:  Woodland Cultural Centre 184 Mohawk St, Brantford http://www.woodland-centre.on.ca/

Event Cost: The total cost for the event is $16.00 payable on October 26 (Includes admission to the Woodland Cultural Centre and guided museum tour ($10); residential school tour ($3) and workshop ($3)).  Lunch is hosted by IAP2 Great Lakes.  Please join us!

RSVP your attendance by October 19, along with any dietary requirements and carpool requests/opportunities, to greatlakeschapter@iap2canada.ca  

Feel free to forward this to colleagues, and to bring a friend.

In the News … 

The ADR Institute of Canada will be holding their annual conference in Toronto this year, October 13-15.  The theme of the conference is Reflections and Innovations.  Visit adric.ca for additional information.  Thank you to Bob W. for passing along this information.


The Prairies Chapter, in conjunction with Dialogue Partners, is hosting training sessions in Winnipeg and Regina in the coming months. The Winnipeg sessions are November 16-18 (Planning – register here) and January 30-31 (Techniques – register here); in Regina, they’re happening November 29-December 1 (Planning – register here) and February 2-3 (Techniques – register here). The Winnipeg sessions are filling up, but there’s still plenty of room for the Regina classes.


The St Lawrence Chapter is offering, for the first time, a course in Emotion, Outrage and Public Participation (EOP2). Dialogue Partners is providing the training November 3-4 in Montreal. Click here for more information and to register.


International Association for Public Participation – BC Chapter
AGM, Wednesday
, November 16, 2016, 6:00 – 8:00pm

Join IAP2 BC at our AGM

Mark your calendar!

The IAP2 BC Annual General Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, November 16th, 2016 in the RBC Meeting Room at the YWCA, 733 Beatty St., Vancouver.

This year, the AGM, as always, will feature an interesting speaker, a quick and efficient business meeting, followed by a fun social.

Seeking IAP2 BC Directors: If this is the year you have decided to give back to your profession then we would be pleased to welcome you as a director. Please contact Catherine Rockandel for more information on the process.

AGM Schedule
6-8pm, Wednesday November 16, 2016

  • Networking & Socializing (6:00 pm)
  • Call to Order, Chairs Remarks, Reports (6:30 pm)
  • Presentation (7:00 pm)
  • Networking and Socializing (7:30 pm)

Chapter News – September, 2016


2016 AGM Highlights Engagement by Conversation

The IAP2 Great Lakes Chapter hosted its AGM on June 21 with members and friends of the Chapter hearing from accredited communications professional and author Mr. Eric Bergman.

Eric Bergman, author of the book ‘The Engaging Public Participation Presentation’, drew on his 30 years of industry experience to address the Chapter on how to make P2 presentations more memorable and engaging, simply by turning presentations into a relaxed, two-way conversation.

To achieve this Eric’s advocates that ‘Less is more’ and outlined his PAS strategy when dealing with questions from stakeholders. The PAS strategy involves:

  1. Pause, think about the question being asked and the best way to respond
  2. Answer the question being asked (and only the question being asked) and then,
  3. Stop talking and let the interviewer ask follow up questions if required.

By following the PAS strategy, organizations can turn stakeholder questions into a relaxed two-way conversation that can build trust and deepen relationships. When it comes to presentations, Eric suggests to never leave audience questions to the end but rather to allow questions and conversations to flow naturally throughout the presentation.

The newest member of the IAP2 Great Lakes Chapter, Steph Hodsoll, and Chapter Secretary Kyal Butler discuss Eric Bergman’s book, The Engaging Public Participation Presentation.

Eric is pleased to have discovered IAP2 and felt at ‘home’ after many years of blending his communications expertise with P2 objectives.

Outgoing Chapter President, Karla Kolli, was thrilled to have had the chance for Eric to address the chapter stating that “One of our roles as a Chapter is to continually provide members with access to professional development opportunities and to have someone of Eric Bergman’s experience address our Chapter allows us all to become better practitioners in an industry that is constantly changing”.



The Atlantic Chapter hosted Peter MacLeod of MassLBP at a Professional Development Breakfast on September 13.

peter-macleod-210x154Peter is the co-founder and principal of MASS, and one of Canada’s leading experts in public engagement and deliberative democracy. Under his leadership, MASS has led some of Canada’s most original and ambitious efforts to engage citizens in tackling tough policy options while pioneering the use of Civic Lotteries and Citizen Reference Panels on behalf of a wide array of clients.

Watch for photos and a write-up of Peter’s talk in the October newsletter.




IAP2BC DrinlsOn Thursday, June 2nd IAP2 BC hosted another successful P2 Drinks at the Devils Elbow in Vancouver. Approximately two dozen practitioners and participants from the Delaney & Associates IAP2 Foundations training being conducted in Vancouver that week attended.

IAP2 BC Chapter President Catherine Rockandel welcomed guests and acknowledged Delaney & Associates for their sponsorship of P2 Drinks in association with their 20th Anniversary of working in and promoting public participation in Canada.

This was the first sponsorship of a P2 Drinks event. IAP2 BC recently developed a sponsorship policy, which includes:

  • ensuring that sponsorships align with IAP2 BC’s programs and services; and
  • providing guidelines to facilitate and support sponsorship opportunities.

The policy is available at: http://www.iap2bc.ca/

P2 Drinks throughout 2016 is asking questions that challenge our basic assumptions about P2, in particular:

  • Why should we care about P2?
  • Can we get more people to care?
  • What does “meaningful engagement” mean?

The input gathered from the networking series and through online engagement is being integrated into a presentation to reflect the BC Voice at the IAP2 Canadian Conference in Montreal, September 28-30, 2016. We look forward to seeing you there!


It has been an exciting past month for the IAP2 Prairies Chapter!

The IAP2 Prairies Chapter Board has been engaging members and non-members through a variety of events across the provinces:

Kathryn Pollack at Regina

A Luncheon held in Regina with guest speaker Kathryn Pollack: Community Contributions to a Mega Project (June 15th). A discussion shared how the communities surrounding the Hamlet of Kronau contributed to the construction plans of a multi-billion-dollar potash mine project.

Kronau, SK

Winnipeg Lunch and Learn with Tiffany Skomro, Office of Public Engagement, City of Winnipeg (May 26th), in which participants were invited to learn about the role of the Office of Public Engagement at the City of Winnipeg, and how public engagement is being integrated into City projects.

Winnipeg Patio Event was held on June 16th – an informal gathering to chat about public participation and more. 

The IAP2 Prairies Chapter is also in the midst of organizing IAP2 Foundations Training – watch for more information!


The Great Lakes Chapter hosted Eric Bergman as guest speaker for its AGM on June 21st. Eric spoke on the blend between communications expertise and P2 objectives. In his most recent book The Engaging Public Participation Presentation, Eric takes readers through a step-by-step process to create conversational presentations that enhance engagement, understanding and support.  Written to support the values of IAP2, the book emphasizes the value of answering questions and engaging in conversation as keys to delivering messages effectively and meeting communication objectives.

Chapter News – May 2016


Collaborative Negotiation Skill Building and Learning session – April 15th, 2016, Edmonton

Wild Rose AGM

IAP2 Wild Rose Director and planner with McElhaney Lauren Bartlette led a lively discussion with attendees from Edmonton, Calgary and a number of communities in-between.  Participants learned about the key building blocks for successful negotiations and even got to test their collaboration skills by working through a negotiation exercise with their fellow practitioners.  Approximately 30 people were in attendance at the session, held in conjunction with the Wild Rose AGM, and exit surveys indicated that they felt they were introduced to a valuable new tool in their engagement toolkit.


The Regina Branch of the Prairies Chapter held a networking event on May 4th open to IAP2 members and non-members.  The event started with a short presentation on who IAP2 is and what membership has to offer, as well as info on upcoming activities in Regina.  Using an open spaces design, participants were invited to mingle, enjoy some snacks and provide feedback on four different topics.  All 15 attendees were very engaged, provided some great feedback and most importantly had some great conversations with fellow public participation professionals.


Great Lakes members can look forward to some new angles on communications and P2, at the Chapter’s upcoming AGM, June 21. Eric Bergman, accredited communications professional, will be the guest speaker at the event, to be held at the Hydro One Special Events Centre in Toronto. The coming year’s Board will be elected, and members interested in serving can get their applications in by June 20. Contact Tracey Ehl, Nominations Committee Chair: greatlakeschapter@iap2canada.ca.


The St Lawrence Chapter / Section Saint-Laurent selected a new Board of Directors at its May 13 AGM. The 10-member Board consists of returnees Stéphane Bérubé, Janis Crawford, Guy Grenier, Hugo Mimee, Julie Reid-Forget and Sébastien Trottier, along with the newcomers Jean Paré, Joseph Thornley, Manel Djemel and The executive positions will be decided at their first face-to-face meeting on June 14.

Chapter News – April 2016


IAP2 Prairies Chapter has been busy hosting some exciting events and planning some for the near future.

On February 4th, we held our Annual General Meeting across the three cities – Winnipeg, Saskatoon and Regina. The evening consisted of two presentations:

  • Paul Jordan – Public Participation: What I have learned as CEO of the Forks Corp
  • Vicky Reaney – Actively engaging residents and stakeholders for Saskatoon’s Active Transportation Plan and Growth Plan to Half a Million 
Winnipeg’s “The Forks” Historic Site

We had our largest turnout of members and were happy with the success of the cross province AGM! Following the presentations, guests were invited to stay and network.

We are pleased to announce our new executive committee:

  • President – Trevor Joyal
  • Vice President – Brock Feenstra
  • Treasurer – Myrna Broadfoot
  • Secretary – Samantha Mark

Other board members include: David Marsh, Denisa Gavan-Koop, Graham Dodds, Heather Kasprick, Lara Ludwig, Lawrence Baschak, Roslyn Kozak, and Sonia Busca Owczar.

As the Board, we are here to serve our members! We provide networking opportunities, a forum for P2 discussions, and are a community engagement resource for practitioners across the three provinces. On March 10th, we successfully hosted a lunch n’ learn (Building Relationships With Indigenous Peoples: A Parks Canada Perspective) in Winnipeg with 30 people in attendance. We are also looking forward to the “Hello May!” Regina Event being held on May 4th.

Please see our website for more details on upcoming events and updates!


Irene Guglielmi, a non-IAP2 member, discussed her work with the BC government with (clockwise) Kim van Bruggen, Kelsey Singbeil and Katrina Harrison

On April 5, 2016 IAP2 BC hosted its first P2 Drinks social in at Spinnakers Pub in Victoria. A small group gathered after work to talk about current local trends and challenges engagement practitioners are experiencing. Aside from some free-flowing general conversation around the table, Lisa Moilanen came armed with a set of table topics for discussion.

One of the discussions focused on the need to ensure that people are not over-engaged. Yes, it’s possible, according to Kim Van Bruggen: “engagement” or “consultation” can become like buzz-words, tossed into a policy statement and gradually losing their meaning. Others said that a local government that “takes it to the people” too many times can be accused of being unable to take a decision. Another point raised was that the engagement loop needs to be closed, so people know their feedback has been received and considered.

Clockwise from left: Amelia Shaw, Gordon Hardwick, Irene Guglielmi, Kim van Bruggen, Lisa Moilanen

IAP2 professionals need to continue to share what engagement really is and to ensure it is done as transparently and authentically as possible. We don’t want engagement to just be The Thing To Do, a catch phrase or a box to check off. It is a balancing act, particularly between the practitioners, clients, public and politicians to ensure the right techniques and tools are used. It is also important all realize the levels of the IAP2 spectrum and to make clear where a project fits on it.

Thoughts were documented to then be input to reflect the BC Voice at this year’s IAP2 North American conference.  


CHAPTER NEWS – February/March 2016


ATLANTIC - FRENCH TRAININGA total of 18 people – plus one sock monkey – took part in IAP2 Atlantic’s first-ever French-language Foundations Course, taught by Mary Moreland (second from left) in Dieppe, NewBrunswick. The first portion – Planning for Effective Public Participation – was provided in November, and the last two days – Techniques – took place Feb 1-2. We’re expecting many of the attendees will join IAP2 Atlantic as a result. This event could not have been held without Paul Lang’s hard work coordinating the course, and the partnership and contributions of the Association of Municipal Administrators of NB, the City of Dieppe, the Kent Regional Service Commission and IPAC Moncton.


IAP2 Atlantic member Victoria Etchegary was a panelist at a professional development event put on by the International Association of Business Communicators in January in St John’s NL. She helped promote IAP2 in the discussion on public engagement and communications.


Want to stay in touch with what’s happening in IAP2 Canada’s easternmost Chapter? Atlantic now has a Facebook Page, bringing all the latest. Check it out here.


St Lawrence / Saint-Laurent

st-laurent event 3L’évènement « Des consultations publiques qui ont du mordant ! Comment impliquer les citoyens dans la planification municipale » a été un succès retentissant le 8 mars dernier à Montréal. Témoignant de la pertinence du sujet, l’AIP2 Saint-Laurent a fait salle comble au Centre St-Pierre avec quelque 80 participants provenant d’une diversité de milieux : municipal et régional, public et privé, OBNL et communautaire, recherche et éducation.

En première partie, des représentants des villes de Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, de Saint-Rémi et de l’arrondissement de Verdun de la Ville de Montréal ont partagé leurs bons coups et leçons apprises lors des consultations citoyennes menées sur l’avenir de leur municipalité. En deuxième partie un atelier-causerie a donné lieu à des discussions animées sur les bons coups et pièges en consultationst-laurent event 2 municipale.

Bon nombre de participants ont déjà commenté les réussites qui les ont inspirés et les réponses aux défis qui informeront leurs actions à venir. L’évènement a bénéficié du soutien de trois commanditaires, soit Hill + Knowlton stratégies, Morin relations publiques et Zone franche.

Devant l’enthousiasme exprimé par toutes les personnes impliquées l’AIP2 Saint-Laurent réfléchit déjà à d’autres activités qui permettront des échanges approfondis entre intervenants diversifiés sur les grands enjeux de la participation publique aujourd’hui. Restez à l’affût du prochain rendez-vous P2 !


IAP2 St. Lawrence held a successful event on March 8 in Montreal entitled “Public consultations with a bite! How to involve citizens in municipal planning”. The room at the Centre St-Pierre was filled to capacity, witnessing to the relevance of the topic. The 80 participants hailed from a variety of fields: municipal and regional, public and private, non-profit and community organizations, research and education.

The first part featured representatives of the City of Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville, the City of Saint-Rémi as well as the Borough of Verdun in the City of Montreal, sharing their successes and lessons learned during citizen consultations on the future of their municipalities.

The second part was devoted to a discussion workshop that led to animated conversations about benefits and pitfalls in municipal consultations. Many participants have already commented on the successes that have inspired them and the responses to challenges that will inform their upcoming initiatives. The event received support from three sponsors: Hill + Knowlton Strategies, Morin Relations Publiques and Zone Franche. The enthusiasm expressed by everyone involved already has IAP2 St. Lawrence thinking about the next events that will allow for in-depth discussions among a variety of players on the big questions around public participation today. Stay tuned for the next P2 rendez-vous!



Over 30 people — a full house — turned out for the first “P2 Drinks” networking event in March.

On February 1, 2016 the BC Chapter Executive met for its annual planning dinner. The focus was to identify key directions that would inform the next three-year strategic plan 2017-2020 and to brainstorm the focus of the 2016 Program and Networking Series.
The Chapter provides the food and attendees buy their own drinks. At the event, members provide a brief talk on an interesting project they are working on or present a project challenge that would like to brainstorm with colleagues.


The first “P2 Drinks” was held in Vancouver in early March, and will be followed up in April in Victoria.

The first “Deep Dive” session is set for late April in Kamloops. All events are in partnership with different professional organizations in the province.

Find out more on the IAP2 BC website.